SaltStack Git fileserver for states and pillars

This is a part two of my previous blog post AWS Salt Cloud provisioning from Docker. Sometimes it is much easier to store SaltStack states and pillars on GitHub. Also, this is preferred way if you need to provision Salt master on AWS. In this post, I will go through configuration options and describe how […]

AWS Salt Cloud provisioning from Docker

SaltStack can be used for different automation purposes. I used it for orchestrating OpenStack and Ceph cluster deployments, later started to use it for Docker container provisioning. Then I discovered really interesting container orchestration tool, Rancher and wanted to automate installation and configuration with SaltStack. There are available repos for Ansible or Puppet, so I […]

Stopping Docker containers Gracefully

I started to work with Docker containers two years ago. You can find my dockerfile examples here: This was my playground for testing, but after I started to work on enterprise level applications deployment using Docker I find out that a lot of things I’m doing wrong. One of them is how I start […]

Convert vhdx to raw

Few days ago I was migrating couple of Windows Server 2012 instances from Hyper-V to OpenStack KVM. The first step was to convert the image from vhdx to raw and then to insert it into OpenStack Glance. Glance is configured to use Ceph as a backend, so raw image is a must. To convert images […]

Writing Dockerfile

In my last post about docker you could see how easily you can spin up WordPress from docker: Here I will talk about some notes on writing Dockerfiles. Writing Dockerfile isn’t an complex job, but there are some tips and best practices to get best from Docker. I already created bunch of Dockerfile examples […]

Cobbler Ubuntu 12.04 Installation

Cobbler is really powerful provisioning tool. I have been using it to provision salt-minion on bare metal servers. From official website: Cobbler can help with provisioning, managing DNS and DHCP, package updates, power management, configuration management orchestration, and much more. Latest Cobbler version is 2.4 and if you try to install it on Ubuntu 12.04 […]

WordPress Docker

You probably already heard about Docker and LXC containers. Also I wrote a post about LXC and how easy you can use it for testing here. So in this post I will not rewrite something that you already read on Docker website. Even if it isn’t quite ready for production you can use Docker for […]

Website Uptime Monitoring

I was looking for good website uptime monitoring tool for a while. Google for it and you will find a lot of online services, but not tool you can deploy locally. I didn’t want tools like Nagios for this purpose. At the end I found out for this great tool simply called Uptime. This monitoring […]

Performance testing with PhantomJS

Couple days ago I tried to parse something from one web site. But, guess what, it’s written with bunch of java scripts and tools like wget or curl which I usually use for this not worked at all. That is because those tools will just grab non-processed html. Then I found out PhantomJS. Really powerful […]

OpenStack Ceph integration

Maybe most interesting part about Ceph is integration with OpenStack. So I will show that before moving forward to Ceph RadosGW. Before going through below instructions of OpenStack Ceph integration I assume that you have Ceph cluster up and running (Bobtail -> ) and OpenStack (Folsom -> ). Ceph uses block devices with OpenStack through […]