Cobbler Ubuntu 12.04 Installation

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Cobbler is really powerful provisioning tool. I have been using it to provision salt-minion on bare metal servers. From official website:

Cobbler can help with provisioning, managing DNS and DHCP, package updates, power management, configuration management orchestration, and much more.

Latest Cobbler version is 2.4 and if you try to install it on Ubuntu 12.04 from packages you will get 2.2. I didn’t find PPA, so here is simple Cobbler Ubuntu 12.04 installation guide from source. First install all prerequisites:

Enable additional Apache modules:

Simple fix in atftpd service (/etc/default/atftpd):

After you are done restart atftpd service:

Get latest cobbler from git repository and install it:

Copy web files to Apache root directory:

Set cobbler web password ‘cobbler:cobbler’:

Modify Cobbler modules to enable config file authentication (/etc/cobbler/modules.conf):

Restart Apache and Cobbler and you are ready to go:

Now you can access Cobbler from your web browser: http://ip_address/cobbler_web

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Alen Komljen

I'm a DevOps/Cloud engineer with experience that spans a broad portfolio of skills, including cloud computing, software deployment, process automation, shell scripting and configuration management, as well as Agile development and Scrum. This allowed me to excel in solving challenges in cloud computing, and the entire IT infrastructure along with my deep interest in OpenStack, Ceph, Docker and the open-source community.

  • Mark Howells

    Great article. On my system I also had run enable wsgi for apache2

    # a2enmod wsgi

  • Chris Magnuson

    I had to also run

    #a2enmod version
    #apt-get install make

    to resolve the error

    Syntax error on line 17 of /etc/apache2/conf.d/cobbler_web.conf:

    Invalid command ‘<IfVersion', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

  • Alen Komljen

    You can find more details here: