DevOps Services

I'm a DevOps/Cloud engineer with experience that spans a broad portfolio of skills, including cloud computing, software deployment, process automation, shell scripting and configuration management, as well as Agile development and Scrum. This allowed me to excel in solving challenges in cloud computing, and the entire IT infrastructure along with my deep interest in OpenStack, Ceph, Docker and the open-source community.

Contact information:
Alen Komljen


- Automation of various application stacks and CI environments using tools like: SaltStack, Docker, Vagrant, Bash shell scripting, Jenkins.
- Migrating production applications to work in Docker containers.
- Enterprise application deployment with Docker and SaltStack using private Docker registry and support for multiple environments deployment with single Salt master.
- Design and implementation of OpenStack private cloud and Ceph distributed storage cluster.
- Ceph backup and disaster recovery solutions.
- OpenStack and Ceph deployment automation with SaltStack.
- Ceph performance optimizations.