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I was looking for good website uptime monitoring tool for a while. Google for it and you will find a lot of online services, but not tool you can deploy locally. I didn’t want tools like Nagios for this purpose. At the end I found out for this great tool simply called Uptime. This monitoring application will monitor for availability, downtime, response time and a lot more. It has two main components webapp and polling monitor. Great thing about monitor is that you can deploy it at various locations.

Installation on Ubuntu 13.04

Install dependencies first:

Clone application from git repository and install additional node packages:

Verify if MongoDB is up and running:

Now add authentication for uptime database using mongo shell:

Default configuration file is located here ~/uptime/config/default.yaml. To override it you can create production.yaml, but for some reason MongoDB related properties needs to be configured in default.yaml. You need to change Mongo database, user and password you entered at above step.

You can start application now:

For full set of features I recommend this video:

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